Xtine’s Sunday Morning Music Notes

Good morning! Welcome to our new feature, Sunday Morning Notes. This is basically a round up of all the little news bits, bands I’ve discovered, etc that I’ve found all week.

First off, Braid is releasing their new EP!! Sweet!! When Braid first announced that they were getting back to record, I, like all fans were floored and excited! And now finally it’s available to pre-order and hear the awesomeness that is Braid. Also, it’s produced by J. Robbins which is double awesomeness.
Stop by Polyvinyl Records and pre-order the vinyl or CD format (not released until August) and get the MP3 download at checkout. Our review of the EP is coming soon.
Pre-Order Braid’s Closer to Closed here
Also, they are playing Metro on August 27th - pick up tickets here


So Beirut is recording as well. The have a new 7″ available (at shows only) with their new single “East Harlem” which is one of my new favorite songs of the year. You can check out the new single here:

Beirut – East Harlem by Revolver USA

Also, check out their tour dates here, Beirut


So last week DJ John Bowles and I hit up San Francisco for a couple days of drinking and record shopping. We got some sweet finds (two Unwound 7″s, Red Red Meat and The Smiths) but one of my new favorite discoveries was a band that Mr. Bowles picked up: Girlsville by Thee Headcoatees.
Background bits:  The line up consists of Holly Golightly, Kyra LaRubia, Ludella Black and up until “Here Comes Cessation”, ‘Bongo’ Debbie, all on vocals.
Girlsville was released in 1991 and it appears their last recording was in ’99. I’ve never heard of them but Mr. Bowles assured me I would fall in love with them. And I did.
Here’s a track “When The Night Comes” from Girlsville



Tall Ships
So I get a ton of email13151315s about new releases and singles from bands, labels, friends of bands, etc. Most of them are pretty bad and I just politely ignore them. But I got an email13151315 from Paper Garden Records about this band called Tall Ships this week, heard their new single “Plate Tectonics” and was wowed. It reminds me of what happens when you take 90’s guitars, modern vocals and old school indie rock – fold ‘em together and you’ve got Tall Ships. And it’s pretty awesome. I’ve actually listened to the song about three times while writing this and have no problems hitting play one more time. They are in the midst of recording a new album set for spring of 2012.
Head over to Paper Garden Records to download the free track or hear it for yourself below.
Lovely Hearts Club Presents: Tall Ships – Plate Tectonics by Paper Garden Records



Stars – The Bedroom Demos
If you’re a Stars fan (as I am) you’ll love the demos they put up for all of our listening pleasure. But don’t let the term “demos” set you off. These are not some shoddy tracks some kid recorded off their digital camera. These tracks can easily mistaken for a lo-fi release. Available only as mp3, you listen to “Take Me To The Riot” and pick up the full album.
Buy and check out The Bedroom Demos here


That’s it! See you next Sunday!

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