OKR Interview – Justin Schwier

Download –  [Size: 110.5 MB | Duration: 1:00:26]

First week of November I got a hold of a friend of ours from one of our favorite record labels from the city of Chicago with Justin Schwier of  Underground Communique Records. For over 10 years, Justin has been putting out records for such great bands as The Methadones, O’Pioneers, Mexican Cheerleader, J Church, Shot Baker, Vacation Bible School, New Bruises, Capital, Olehole, Get Rad, The Copyrights, and many many more. Our interview comes at such a great time for Underground Communique Records with all the new releases and projects that this DIY record company has coming out… and hats off to Justin for his dedication and for working his ass off everyday to bring us music geeks all this great music!!!

Here are some links that you need to buy all the great music as heard in this interview.

Underground Communique Records

Ska Is Dead 7″ Subscription

Recess Records