Cardboard Wings by Birdlips

Cardboard Wings by Birdlips

Birdlips’ Cardboard Wings transports you to a different time, bringing up images of the perfect autumn day filled with lush reds and oranges walking down a dirt road paved only by the footsteps of strangers paving a path along their travels. I suppose in this instance Nick Drake and Jack Kerouac would have helped pave the path for Cardboard Wings. The album takes you on a journey with our lead character playing the moody minstrel. Whether the album was meant to be a story or it just fell into place, I recommend your first couple listens to be a straight through kind of deal, or else you’ll lose the tale it longs to tell you.

“Tirechains” is a track I am especially fond of meshing 70’s singer/songerwriter styles with gypsy undertones and modern hooks. Anytime this track comes on, I find myself moving to the beat just a bit without hesitation. “Some Kind of Death” is another one of my favorites, I adore the vocal melodies on this one as they don’t just stream through but hit the beat of the snares. And “Dream Within a Dream” is the  most perfect conclusion to their tale, “And now I’m waking up and none of it was real, how it can matter what we think or what we feel. when everything we see and everything we seem is but a dream within a dream within a dream” and the album begs you to step outside and live “get up get up, the sun is pouring over the horizon… outside, so much shit to listen to, the engine’s purring begging you to ride.”

And here’s what I love best about the album. Search for Birdlips and you’ll see a lot of people labeling them as “folk” but then take a listen to the album. It’s not folk. Yes the influences are there, but in no way would I call them folk. So then what do you label them… ah, there it is. You don’t. Because you can’t, because they step outside of the boundaries of any genre you’d love to stick them with.

Still not convinced? Listen for yourself, you can hear the album streamed on their page:

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